About Us


Fostering a Monastic Spirit within the Church and Society…

Monos Foundation is a Christian organisation that seeks to serve the Christian Church, by fostering a monastic spirit in all its denominations and traditions and beyond into society as a whole. Although we are not monks or nuns, we recognize the deep well of Christian spirituality that cloistered monastics hold for and on behalf of all humanity, is there for all to embrace, if only with the tip of their finger.

Through the lived Christian experience (COMMUNITY) and reflection upon it, (EDUCATION) Monos Foundation is fully engaged in the tension and creativity emerging within the collision of our modern age within society, our Christian Faith and the Church.

As a result, It seeks to support a communion/network of people and groups who find themselves in various places around the world who are embracing the Christian Monastic tradition, to a greater or lessor extent according to measure and desire, as a support for their Christian faith lived out within the world.

Monos (Now Monos Foundation) started in 2004 as a result of a Catholic Family’s desire to allow Christ to venture out of Sunday mass into every corner of their life. They stumbled upon the Christian monastic tradition as a support in times of vulnerability and stumbling in the ‘dark’. Over time the monastic tradition seemed to permeate into every aspect of their life and work; which whilst provided a support, urged a greater degree of trust in Christ for all their needs.

The team through its centres and beyond, work with: individuals, families, churches, communities, schools and organizations in offering support, education and guidance in allowing monastic spirituality to inform their life and work.

We hope you will be able to connect with Monos Foundation through one of its RESOURCES and/or its community network.