Monos Community


In 1998, after serving for many years during the nineteen nineties under the direction of and obedience to the founding father and mother of the Northumbria Community; (John and Linda Skinner) Ellen, Kevin, Anthony and Clare Grimley left the Northumbria Community along with a few close friends in order to care and support for John and Linda Skinner now in a time of exile from their Community. In 2008, this small band of Christians that had become the ‘The Little Community of Ss. John and Mary’, blessed John and Linda Skinner, as they set sail again, this time physically moving to St Joseph’s their new home, in order to reflect and look back to the heart and tradition of the ‘life’ that had been passed onto them, a life of availability and vulnerability.

All participants of the Monos Foundation Community acknowledge their indebtedness to John and Linda Skinner and the Northumbria Community for their part played in the lives of the founders of the Monos Foundation Community. The desire for an authentic New/Lay/Secular Monastic lifestyle reflecting in different ways both past and present and in an array of different places, will inspire the participants of the Monos Foundation Community to always seek to renew their way of living the Christian Life. It is hoped that some of these renewals will help others grow within their own expressions of New/Secular/Lay monastic living, thus serving the Universal Christian Church.