Monos Education


Monastic spirituality, expressed through a lived Christian experience and reflection upon it, is at the heart of what Monos Foundation is offering through its educational programme. 

Monos is working alongside Academics, Monastics, Church Congregations, Communities and individuals, in an attempt to create an educational programme that reflects a well-balanced and multi-faceted approach to the subject of monastic spirituality and its engagement with contemporary society.

Within our educational framework we offer support to those who, according to their degree of interest and desire, wish to allow monastic spirituality to inform their lives.

Our courses are sensitive to whatever church tradition you are a part of, so whether you are a Pioneer Minister in the fresh expressions movement, an Oblate or Associate attached to a monastery or convent, a Church/Community Leader or a Christian who simply wants to deepen their faith, then the courses are for you.

Currently we provide The Monos Course in Christian Discipleship – Through a Monastic Lens and M.Th. in Monastic Spirituality, due to start in 2016. This latter course is on offered in partnership with the Graduate Theological Foundation in the U.S., and allows you to dig deeper into monastic spirituality as an aid for your own unique ministry/vocation or interest.

We currently have three areas that you can engage with Monos Education:

Monos Foundation Resources

As people venture into monastic spirituality, they find a rich array of tools open to them for deepening their faith in Christ. Most of these tools are not exclusive to monastic spirituality, but are available through many different Christian traditions. Through Monos Foundation Resources we have identified seven areas where monastic spirituality can inform and shape the way we draw closer to Christ through: Education, Pilgrimage, Trading, Creativity and the Arts, Church Growth under the title Ekklesia, Mission and Monasticism in everyday Christian Living, under the title Monastic

A Centre for New Monasticism

This has emerged to offer support, encouragement and education to those who are interested in or who are discerning a vocation to New Monasticism. We have been involved for over 15 years advising and supporting people and groups in New Monasticism and more recently have worked within the Anglican Diocese of Leicester and its accompanying work within the Fresh Expressions movement.

A Centre for Monastic Spirituality

This has been formed to offer support and education to those who are engaged in monastic spirituality in general, as a tool for aiding their own Christian faith and life. This current interest in monastic spirituality spans all Christian denominations and is expressed through a number of terms and names, of which New Monasticism is one such name.