Monos Foundation

Monos Foundation is fully engaged in both the lived experience (COMMUNITY) and reflection upon (EDUCATION) the tension and creativity emerging within the collision of our modern age within society, our Christian Faith and the Church. It seeks to support a communion/network of people and groups who find themselves in various places around the world who are embracing the Christian Monastic tradition, to a greater or lessor extent according to measure and desire, as a support for their Christian faith lived out within the world.

Monos Foundation is fully and unequivocally  committed to the unity and on-going renewal of the Christian Church through recognising in love and compassion the divisions and expressions within the Church. Therefore encouraging people in the midst of their new found support from the monastic tradition, to maintain participation with and support of their own churches and traditions they belong too. In doing so, we resist the urge to reflect in full, modern society’s encouragement to abandon all that is traditional and seemingly irrelevant, for quick, exciting and easy solutions; the danger being that we base our lives around our own experiences and needs, whether spiritual or temporal, thus placing ourselves at the centre of everything we do. In trying to place Christ at the   centre of our lives we hope it will help in the Church's renewal, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and ultimately help in its mission of spreading the Word to  the world.

Links between Monos Foundation and Churches, Communities and Organisations

Monos Foundation exists to support the Christian Church in all its diversity and as such  safeguards, as much as is possible, against people using it in replacement for church membership and sacramental purposes. Therefore, association to Monos Foundation for a church or community of faith is either through its use and connection with its education and resource programme and or through encouraging its leaders or members to connect with the Community either as members, associates or friends.

For organisations, the connection with Monos Foundation is less prescribed and can be discussed and discerned with the team as to the best way of connecting that serves both parties ethos and needs.