Centre for Monastic Spirituality


Of monasticism ‘………..It is not enough to affirm that the thing is good in itself, it is necessary that the Church and society do something, so that this life may be realizable, so that each may at least touch it, be it only with the tip of his little finger.’     (Adapted from; Raphael Vernay OSB, On the Desert Place of the Inner Sanctuary, 1974)

Ever since our first annual conference in 2006, special interest has been given to the development of New/Secular/Lay monasticism in relation to our cultural age and social environment. The growth or decline of Christianity within the Western World is causing some in the universal Church to become neurotic about its position within society and the effectiveness of its mission. It is seen by some that Christian monasticism has been and still is a barometer for the Church’s saturation of worldly values as it engages in its mission of reaching out to the world. In becoming relevant, the Church is always in danger of going too far; embracing the world so that it can no longer subvert the things the Gospels call us to stand against in humility, love and compassion; this is where Christian monasticism can help all Christians.

Our Centre for Monastic Spirituality provides people who are interested in Christian monastic spirituality in all its forms and expressions with both an academic, through its Masters and PHD research programmes and pastoral platform, to study Christian monasticism as a lived experience and reflection upon it. Our courses are written to allow the student to reflect upon their own Christian ministry/vocation/lifestyle throughout their studies.

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