Kevin and Ellen Grimley – Why Monos Foundation?

After 30 years of seeking and questioning, our journey has led us to the only place that makes any sense, our lives in God. Our journey has been both physical and inward. Now standing with John & Mary at the foot of the cross in the last hours of our dear Lord’s life on earth, listening to His words 'son this is your mother and mother this is you son’ we begin to see the reality of our lives both individually, as a married couple and in community with others. Seeing the fragility of mankind and being able to source life from it daily, leads us on a path of obedience, sacrifice and ultimately real peace and joy (not the smiley sort), the total acknowledgement we are nothing without God.

So a way for living has evolved from this journey, which we call 'The Little Way of Ss. John and Mary'. We owe a lot to close friends who have supported us on this journey, especially our cloistered brothers & sisters who have greatly influenced and informed this way of life.

Anthony and the late Clare Grimley – Why Monos Foundation?

The after-shock from the departure of a ‘life’ of a Community from the Community itself can be very daunting for those who have given up everything in order to seek that ‘life’ and work within that Community. The closer to the ‘life or ‘heartbeat’ of that community the greater the after-shock is felt.  After experiencing this in the late nineteen nineties we both felt compelled to develop a forum to help those engaged in Christian community living, particularly those lay communities who without long years of tradition, history, accountability along with inexperience, were in danger of either being ship-wrecked on the shores of post-modern culture or propelled into a popular self-perpetuating mirror of their humble former selves.
Through its education programme Monos Foundation seeks to help and aid individuals, along with anyone engaged in intentional community living within families, communities, church congregations and other such organisations, by reflecting on and living a monastic spirituality according to measure and desire.

Sadly in 2001, Clare passed away leaving Anthony with their two young girls. Her input and enthusiasm for Christian monasticism particularly early Irish, continues through the work of Monos Foundation and the lives of those in her Community.

Anthony has since remarried and lives with Carey, who also works in Monos Foundation, along with their five children in their family/Community home at St Joseph’s.

Steve & Andrea Howe - Why Monos Foundation?

For most of our teenage life and certainly into adult-hood my wife & I have believed in living, experiencing and modelling a deeper level of family & community.  As church leaders we also believed that this deeper level could be achieved in and through the church.  Early in the 1990’s we met others who also believed in this possibility and what was even more exciting, it was being expressed and lived through new or lay monastic communities firstly in Northumbria & now in present day through The Little Way of Ss. John and Mary and the Monos Foundation.

We wholeheartedly believe that the church and (new/lay) monastic communities can learn from, support & challenge each other to see this deeper level of family/community achieved. By exploring this possibility together we believe we can find a ‘new way for living’, which answers the questions emerging from within our society today.