Monos Foundation Resources


Nurturing Monastic Spirituality in the context of Christian Mission, Discipleship, Community and Monos Centres.

Monos Foundation provides workshops in all its resources listed below, through its centres across the country. We also provide advice and consultancy in helping people or groups develop in areas mentioned below. We are happy to visit churches or groups and provide workshops/services to help facilitate better understanding and embracing of monastic spirituality into the life of the church and individuals.

For further details and how you can get involved contact Steven Howe via our contact page.


Monos Foundation Story: Trading came out of a desire to be self-sufficient in order to balance work with other aspects of life. Over the years, we as a Community have looked at the gifts and skills that God has given us and developed business(s) to support our vocation. This is different from the so-called 'Good Life' concept. We have seen the emergence of a relationship between our spiritual life, creativity and trading. Also, the Gospels always remind us to be fair and moral both in employment and sales, always remembering the poor.

Monos Resource: We are developing an online trading platform for those selling products that have emerged out of people or groups’ work/life balance.

Art and Creativity

Monos Foundation Story: Emerging from a desire to express our understanding of and experience with God through creativity. This is not dependent on professionalism or ability. Some of us have gone on to develop skills to help in their creativity. We all need an outlet to express our need and love of God, others and the created world around us.  

Monos Resource: We have people who can help develop different creative and artistic tools to aid people in expressing their faith journey, including; dance and drama, photography, art, drawing, wood work, metal work, upholstery, writing and exploring the theory behind spirituality and creativity.


Monos Foundation Story: In the late eighties and early nineties, we realized the importance of allowing monastic spirituality to speak into our Christian lives and understanding through the Gospels of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Introduced to monasticism through community living, reading and visiting other people already exploring monastic spirituality both in the context of traditional monasticism and new/ secular forms of it. Exploring what it mean for individuals and groups who are not monks or nuns, to allow monasticism, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to penetrate into the very core of their human existence.

Monos Resource: For those called to adopt the Monos Foundation ‘way for living’ they can explore joining the Monos Foundation Community through a Skete home model or befriending an existing Skete home. We also have a liturgy and Rule that can be used.

Otherwise we can provide help and support for anyone who is adopting monastic spirituality into their lives to a greater or lesser extent regardless as to where they are affiliated.


Monos Foundation Story: A journey to a spiritual place can create the space needed for mind, body and heart to reflect, rest and listen. Often the journey to a place can also contribute to this process, building a sense of community on the move. Pilgrimage has been key for us in helping us tap into the spirituality, history and tradition that have formed our lives and Community. Journeying to a place also gives us the opportunity to pray and intercede for the area or country; it can bring you in touch with new people.

Monos Resource: We hold a bi-annual pilgrimage to a key Monos Foundation site every other year and our Monos centres organise regional pilgrimages to local Christian sites. We also can help groups organise their own pilgrimages.


Monos Foundation Story: Amidst the adoption of monastic spirituality into our lives, it has been our desire to remain fixed and supportive of our Christian denomination and the local church we find ourselves in. We have a responsibility to reach out to both the un-churched and churched in compassion and love.

Monos Resource: We are helping translate monastic spirituality into a user-friendly format without watering down the key message. Through discipleship, we teach and support a way of connecting with God, each other and the world around through monastic principles. We contribute to the on-going renewal of the Church and support leadership in understanding the benefits of monasticism to their congregations and all Christians.


Monos Foundation Story: Mission is life and life is mission. We seek to continually live life to the full and whenever the Holy Spirit allows, share our faith, through action, word and deed with whomever. We have realised the importance of authentic living in our capacity through the Holy Spirit to have an impact on those around us. Therefore we need to be accountable to our own lives and continually seek conversion within ourselves so that God can work through us.

Monos Resource: We provide support for those who see their mission as an integrated part of their own conversion to God. We also support and offer guidance to those who are called to allow their creativity as part of their Missional work. Finally, we provide services and events with a monastic twist for churches, groups and organisations, who want to introduce people to monastic spirituality.


Monos Foundation Story: We have grown up as an organisation and community with the notion that Christian spirituality is the lived experience and reflection upon it. Our education arm is very much engaged with helping people reflect upon their lived experience through reading and listening to other people's experiences with God and the world around, and with the help of the Holy Spirit to shed light on contemporary Christian living.

Monos Resource: We provide workshops; conferences and courses that are created through our educational ethos to help people and groups develop more fully within a new/lay monastic ethos, reflecting on the past whilst discerning the Holy Spirit for the presence and future.