Nature and Purpose


Nature and purpose of the Community

The Community is a ecumenical, transparent, dispersed and autonomous community of individuals, families, communities, organisations, churches and other such bodies, who are bound together in serving the Universal Christian Church through living a New/Lay/Secular monastic existence (From now on will be referred to as ‘Lay’). This is lived out through an understanding, measure and desire, within both the society and culture we find ourselves. We are flung together from around the world, through our common response to the question, ‘how do we live the Christian life today within any given place’? Our response is - to follow Christ through Lay monastic living. The purpose of our call, like all other Christians is to draw closer to Christ, to love and serve the Christian Church and others beyond, wherever we are living.

Membership to the Community is through embracing our ‘WAY FOR LIVING’ and seeing your home as a ‘Skete’, historically a monastic cell, being connected to others through similar call; for us, this is regardless of distance. Association with the Community is for those who aspire to the spirit of the Community and for whatever reason cannot fully embrace our ‘Way for Living’. Friendship is for those who agree to the work and life of Monos Foundation and who want to be kept informed of progress and development.

Association and friendship to the Monos Foundation Community can only occur through connection with one of its Skete Homes already in existence. This is to safeguard the Community becoming bigger than the ‘life’ it is called to embrace.

The Spirit of the Community

•    The Community is dedicated to Ss. John and Mary: Standing close to Jesus’s cross were his mother his mothers sister, Mary the wife of Clopas and Mary Magdalene, Jesus saw his mother and the disciple he loved standing there, so he said to his mother, “ He is your son” Then he said to the disciple , she is your Mother.” From that time the disciple took her to live in his home. John 19; 25-27 Jesus, even at the point of death invited his mother and close friend to look after one another; the call to community and companionship is for all Christians.

•    We are called to serve the Church and those things God has placed in our care. Our call is to follow Christ under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to understand ourselves, others and ultimately God. And in doing so contributing to the renewal of the Church.

•    We are called to dedicate ourselves to the work God has called us to. In this, we call on the Holy Spirit to guide, challenge and inspire us, as we daily discern his provision, direction and providence for our lives.

•    We are called to see life as a constant journey for the sake of Christ that seeks to leave behind the familiar in order to enter a life of trust and service to God and others. Whether we are on an internal (towards our heart) or external (to a place) journey, we remember in companionship the people of old and new who have set out on journeys for the love of Christ. Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage. Ps 84:5