The Monos Course


A Christian Discipleship Course - through a Monastic Lens

A course that will challenge, inform and encourage through mental, spiritual and practical stimulation.

Of monasticism ‘………..It is not enough to affirm that the thing is good in itself, it is necessary that the Church and society do something, so that this life may be realizable, so that each may at least touch it, be it only with the tip of his little finger.’ (Adapted from; Raphael Vernay OSB, On the Desert Place of the Inner Sanctuary, 1974)

In an age that is seeing more and more people turning to ancient and modern forms of  spirituality for direction and nourishment; Monos Foundation, through the Monos Course, has attempted to create an educational platform from which people can explore monastic spirituality in terms of a lived Christian expression.

Monos has developed a monastic spirituality course that is designed to encourage and assist people and groups in their attempts at integrating a monastic spirituality into everyday Christian living whether at home, work or play!

The course is designed for both individual and group participation. For groups wishing to undertake the course, please contact us to discuss prices which could include a teaching day for the co-ordinator of the respective group.

Consisting of 6 modules, each with 6 units, topics include: history, theology, cultural studies, spirituality and Christian vocation; exploring how monastic spirituality and culture can affect the individual, family life, Church and society at large. The course is denominationally sensitive, allowing individuals to reflect on current themes and concepts within monastic spirituality, relevant to a given Christian expression.

The Monos course is designed to allow people to study primarily through distance learning, whilst allowing for some formal input from our partner monasteries and institutions at various workshops, both theoretical and practical, and conferences.

We look forward to journeying with you towards exploring  monastic spirituality.

If you would like further information or to enroll on the course please CONTACT us.