The Tradition


The Tradition of the Monos Foundation (MF) Community

The Community has its origins within the Great Christian tradition of monasticism; reflected in what is contemporarily referred to as New/Lay/Secular Monasticism, (amongst other terms depending often on the Christian denomination) and expressed through the ‘Way for Living’ of the Northumbria Community. During the years of reform, between 1998 and 2012, The Little Community of Ss. John and Mary (LCJM), revisited the foundering spirit of the Northumbria Community and gave their ‘Rule for Living’ a particular form, which has become the foundation and ethos of the Monos Foundation Community. In 2012 the LCJM changed its name to reflect the place name of its home; St Joseph’s Skete and became the first autonomous and founding Skete home within the wider Monos Foundation Community.