A Way for Living


Monos Foundation – ‘Way for Living’ - in brief:

We freely and lovingly embrace Vulnerability, Availability, Openness, Honestly and Obedience.

Availability:  Be available first to God: through the call to know ourselves, others and ultimately God.

Vulnerability: As we set sail into the unknown through our choice to be available before God, we place ourselves in his care. Our vulnerability comes from the choice not to take back control of our lives.

Openness: Be yourself; understanding who God wants you to be, in relation to Him and others.

Honesty: Honest and authentic about feelings, mistakes, joys, fears and sadness, being careful when to share so that not to burden others.

Obedience: Freely and lovingly being Obedient to Christ through the ‘WforL’ and through that discovering true freedom.